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Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination

The Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination is offered for Spanish/English testing only. 

Next Written Exam in 2019

The written examination of the Federal Court Interpreting Certification Examination (FCICE) will not be administered in 2018. However, the test will be administered in 2019. Once the Administrative Office has determined the test administration dates for the written examination, registration dates will be posted on this page. Registration is generally open for six to eight weeks. Regardless of when the written test is administered, it will be administered in time for candidates to qualify for the 2019 administration of the oral phase of the FCICE.

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Examination Phases

The Federal Court Interpreting Certification Examination, often referred to as the FCICE, is administered in two phases.

Phase One Written Examination

The written examination, offered on even years, is a computer-administered screener examination which includes a multiple choice test of English proficiency and a multiple choice test of Spanish proficiency. 

Phase Two Oral Examination

The oral examination, offered on odd years, tests the ability to effectively perform the three modes of court interpreting: sight translation and simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of discourse, all of which must reflect the correct form and content of authentic interpreting functions encountered in the federal courts. 

Accordingly, the candidate is required to demonstrate the ability to effectively carry out these functions bi-directionally. Test items include both formal and informal/colloquial language, technical and legal terminology, and special vocabulary or other specialized language use which is part of the active vocabulary of a highly articulate speaker. The FCICE is offered only for Spanish/English, since that is the primary interpreting need in the federal judiciary.