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Summoned for Federal Jury Service?

You must visit the website of the federal district court where you were selected to serve to complete an online Juror Qualification Questionnaire via eJuror and to learn additional details should you be summoned to report to court for jury service.

Each district court summons eligible citizens from counties in the district or, if the district has multiple jury divisions, from the counties in those jury divisions. 

  • Use the Federal Court Finder to find your local federal court’s website or the court’s contact information if you have questions about jury service. 

About eJuror in the Federal Courts

eJuror is a quick and easy, online alternative to completing your Juror Qualification Questionnaire by mail. Through eJuror, potential jurors may also do the following: 

  • update personal information electronically, 
  • check when they need to report for service,  
  • submit a request for an excuse or deferral, and  
  • select an alternate time to serve if their request for deferral is granted. 

Follow the instructions accompanying, or on your jury summons or questionnaire postcard to navigate to the district court’s eJuror page.  

Jury summons example

An example of a federal court jury summons.

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