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Overview of Privately Funded Seminars Disclosure System

The Judicial Conference policy provides for timely disclosure by educational program providers and judges who attend those programs. 

The required disclosure includes judges' attendance, program name or title, dates and location, topics presented, speakers who address each topic, sources of support, financial or otherwise, and sponsor(s).

How it Works

Public Access

A judge's seminar disclosure report is available to the public on each local courts' web site. It contains disclosure information on each seminar a judge in that court attended during the reporting period.

Educational Program Providers

Educational Program Providers create an account through the Privately Funded Seminars Disclosure System. Each provider is required to enter information for each of their seminars in advance of the starting date, including all topics, speakers, and funders.

A current list of providers' disclosure reports is posted for public viewing.

Seminar providers also are required to enter any changes in the disclosed information for their seminars as soon as they are known.

Judges are notified automatically by e-mail if any changes are made to the disclosure by the provider prior to the start of the seminar.


Within 30 days of the end of the seminar, judges are required to report their attendance.