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Thomas H. Cohen

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Building a Risk Tool for Persons Placed on Federal Post-Conviction Supervision for Child Sexual Exploitation Material Offenses: Documenting the Federal System's Past, Current, and Future Efforts Download (1.96 MB) Post Conviction, Risk Assessment, Sex Offenders June 2023
Corrigendum to “Examining Federal Pretrial Release Trends over the Last Decade” [Federal Probation, September 2018] Download (29.88 KB) Pretrial December 2021
The Use of Location Monitoring at the Post-Conviction Stage of Supervision Download (412.44 KB) Location Monitoring, Probation December 2021
The Impact of COVID-19 on Treatment and Testing Download (278.28 KB) Pretrial, Probation, Substance Use June 2021
First Step Act, COVID-19, and the Future of Location Monitoring Download (346.89 KB) Location Monitoring June 2021
Presentence Work in a COVID-19 Environment Download (257.42 KB) Presentence June 2021
Pretrial Work in a COVID-19 Environment Download (445.77 KB) Pretrial June 2021
Survey of U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Agencies' Adaptations to COVID-19 Download (288.6 KB) Pretrial, Probation June 2021
An Empirical Overview of Searches and Seizures for Persons on Federal Post-conviction Supervision Download (29.3 MB) Post Conviction, Supervision December 2019
A Rejoinder to Dressel and Farid: New Study Finds Computer Algorithm Is More Accurate Than Humans at Predicting Arrest and as Good as a Group of 20 Lay Experts Download (170.37 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Risk Assessment September 2018
Revalidating the Federal Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (PTRA): A Research Summary Download (142.96 KB) Pretrial, PTRA September 2018
Examining Federal Pretrial Release Trends Over the Last Decade Download (157.4 KB) Pretrial, PTRA September 2018
Removal of Non-scored Items from the Post Conviction Risk Assessment Instrument: An Evaluation of Data-driven Risk Assessment Research within the Federal System Download (198.8 KB) PCRA, Probation, Risk Assessment September 2017
How Dangerous Are They? An Analysis of Sex Offenders Under Federal Post-Conviction Supervision Download (225.15 KB) PCRA, Sex Offenders, Supervision September 2016
Examining Changes in Offender Risk Characteristics and Recidivism Outcomes: A Research Summary Download (208.86 KB) Risk Assessment, Supervision September 2016
Examining Overrides of Risk Classifications for Offenders on Federal Supervision Download (200.17 KB) PCRA, Risk Assessment June 2016
The Supervision of Low-risk Offenders: How the Low-risk Policy Has Changed Federal Supervision Practices without Compromising Community Safety Download (211.9 KB) Risk Assessment, Supervision, Evidence-based Practices June 2016
Does the Risk of Recidivism for Supervised Offenders Improve Over Time? Examining Changes in the Dynamic Risk Characteristics for Offenders under Federal Supervision Download (287.19 KB) PCRA, Risk Assessment September 2014
The Neglected "R"--Responsivity and the Federal Offender Download (142.03 KB) Responsivity, Evidence-based Practices September 2014