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Innovative Justice: Federal Rentry Drug Courts─How Should We Measure Success? Download (169.82 KB) Federal Courts, Reentry, Substance Abuse December 2018
Best Practices in Treatment Court Evaluation Download (457.9 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Reentry, Substance Abuse December 2018
Key Factors to Promote Successful Comprehensive Reentry Initiatives Download (153.53 KB) Reentry December 2017
Judge-Involved Supervision Programs in the Federal System: Background and Research Download (221.48 KB) Federal Courts, Reentry, Substance Abuse June 2017
A Longitudinal Survey of Newly-Released Prisoners: Methods and Design of the Boston Reentry Study Download (192.92 KB) Prison, Reentry June 2017
Assessing the Case for Formal Recognition and Expansion of Federal Problem-Solving Courts Download (244.54 KB) Reentry, Federal Courts December 2016
Health Coverage for People in the Justice System: The Potential Impact of Obamacare Download (105.84 KB) Responsivity, Mental Health, Reentry September 2014
Location Monitoring for Low-Risk Inmates: A Cost-Effective and Evidence-Based Reentry Strategy Download (70.92 KB) Location Monitoring, Reentry, Evidence-based Practices June 2014
Interagency Collaboration Along the Reentry Continuum Download (166.06 KB) Pretrial, Probation, Reentry June 2014
Overcoming Legal Barriers to Reentry: A Law School-Based Approach to Providing Legal Services to the Reentry Community Download (103.37 KB) Reentry, Supervision September 2013
Evaluation of Kentucky's Early Inmate Release Intiative Download (96.96 KB) Reentry December 2010
Community Reentry Following Prison: A Process Evaluation of the Accelerated Community Entry Program Download (67.34 KB) Reentry September 2008
The Influence of Social Distance on Community Corrections Officer Perception of Offender Reentry Needs Download (108.12 KB) Reentry June 2008
How to Prevent Prisoner Re-Entry Programs From Failing: Insights From Evidence-Based Corrections Download (74.44 KB) Reentry, Evidence-based Practices December 2006
The Role of Prerelease Handbooks for Prisoner Reentry Download (124.09 KB) Reentry June 2006
Families and Children of Offenders Who Return Home Download (248.88 KB) Reentry June 2005
Examining the Role of Police in the Reentry Partnership Initiatives Download (117.63 KB) Reentry September 2004
First Count to Ten: Innovation and Implementation in Juvenile Reintegration Programs Download (122.36 KB) Reentry, Juveniles September 2004
Introduction: Reentry: The Emperor's New Clothes Download (62.25 KB) Reentry September 2004
What Works in Prisoner Reentry? Reviewing and Questioning the Evidence Download (67.1 KB) Reentry September 2004
Monetary Costs and Benefits of Correctional Treatment Programs: Implications for Offender Reentry Download (73.76 KB) Reentry September 2004
A Civic Engagement Model of Reentry Download (139.9 KB) Reentry September 2004
Improving Offender Success and Public Safety Through System Reform Download (116.09 KB) Reentry September 2004
The Offender and Reentry: Supporting Active Participation in Reintegration Download (73.78 KB) Reentry September 2004
Instituting a "Reentry" Focus in the Federal Probation System Download (79.29 KB) Reentry September 2004


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