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"I was just given a new sex offense case: now, what do I do?" Download (60.11 KB) Sex Offenders, Supervision September 2010
"Looking at the Law"--Updating the Imposition, Tolling, and Revocation of Supervision Download (103.67 KB) Federal Courts, Supervision December 2005
"Looking at the Law": The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination and Supervision Download (32.13 KB) Supervision June 1999
"To the Greatest Extent Practicable"—Confronting the Implementation Challenges of the First Step Act Download (36.14 MB) Prison, Reentry, Supervision December 2019
"Up to Speed": Exploring the Implications of Four Sanctioning Orientations for Community Corrections Download (144.58 KB) Supervision, Restorative justice December 1998
A Case Study of the Implementation of Staff Training Aimed at Reducing Rearrest (STARR) Download (241.03 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision June 2016
A Comprehensive Approach to Supervision in the Southern District of West Virginia Download (36.22 KB) Supervision June 1999
A Corrections Workforce for the 21st Century Download (13.71 MB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision June 2019
A Decade of Experimenting with Intermediate Sanctions: What Have We Learned? Download (110.89 KB) Probation, Supervision December 1998
A Descriptive Analysis of Pretrial Services at a Single-Jurisdictional Level Download (152.2 KB) Supervision December 2014
A Difficult Position: A Feasibility Study Analysis of Conducting Home Contacts on Halloween Download (220.73 KB) Sex Offenders, Supervision June 2014
A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Model of Community Supervision Download (190.71 KB) Supervision, Evidence-based Practices December 2015
A Random (Almost) Study of Staff Training Aimed at Reducing Re-arrest (STARR): Reducing Recidivism through Intentional Design Download (722.42 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision, Training September 2011
A Review of Probation Home Visits: What Do We Know? Download (112.91 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2013
A Viable Alternative? Alternatives to Incarceration Across Several Federal Districts Download (23.82 MB) Pretrial, Supervision June 2019
Accountability and Collaboration: Strengthening Our System Through Office Reviews Download (110.79 KB) Supervision, Probation December 2015
Addressing Responsivity Issues with Criminal Justice-Involved Native Americans Download (140.97 KB) Responsivity, Indian Country, Supervision September 2014
Adhering to the Risk and Need Principles: Does It Matter for Supervision-based Programs? Download (112.42 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision December 2006
Adult Offenders in a Day Reporting Center Supervision June 2002
Alcohol--Still the Forgotten Legal Drug Download (121.47 KB) Substance Abuse, Supervision December 2010
All Hands on Deck! Toward a Reentry-Centered Vision of Federal Probation Download (287.77 KB) Reentry, Supervision December 2020
All Implementation Is Local: Initial Findings from the Process Evaluation of the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforecment (HOPE) Demonstration Field Experiment Download (192 KB) Supervision, Probation June 2015
An Assessment of District Reviews: Implications for Pretrial Services Policy Development and Practice Download (135.21 KB) Pretrial, Supervision September 2009
An Empirical Overview of Searches and Seizures for Persons on Federal Post-conviction Supervision Download (29.3 MB) Post Conviction, Supervision December 2019
Applying Implementation Research to Improve Community Corrections Download (416.66 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision September 2011


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