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Confirmation Listing

This table lists judges confirmed by Congress. The table contains the name of the judge, the nomination date, the confirmation date, the court location, the incumbent - the judge who previously held the position, the vacancy reason, and the vacancy date.

NomineeNomination DateConfirmation DateCourtIncumbentVacancy ReasonVacancy Date
Matey,Paul B.01/23/201903/12/201903 - CCAFuentes,Julio M.Senior07/18/2016
Rushing,Allison Jones01/23/201903/05/201904 - CCADuncan,Allyson KaySenior03/05/2019
Murphy,Eric E.01/23/201903/07/201906 - CCABatchelder,Alice M.Senior03/07/2019
Readler,Chad A.01/23/201903/06/201906 - CCACook,Deborah L.Senior03/06/2019
Miller,Eric D.01/23/201902/26/201909 - CCATallman,Richard C.Senior03/03/2018
Rao,Neomi J.01/23/201903/13/2019DC - CCAKavanaugh,Brett M.Elevated10/06/2018