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Future Judicial Vacancies

This table lists judicial vacancies that will occur in the future, for instance if a current federal judge announces his or her retirement. Find out the court where the vacancy will occur, the name of the incumbent, the vacancy reason, the vacancy date, the nominee (if applicable), and the nomination date.

CourtIncumbentVacancy ReasonVacancy DateNomineeNomination Date
02 - NY-ECogan,Brian M.Senior06/12/2020
06 - KY-WWalker,Justin R.ElevatedTBD
07 - IN-NSpringmann,Theresa LazarSenior01/23/2021
11 - FL-SMoreno,Federico A.SeniorTBD
CLSweeney,Margaret M.Expired10/24/2020
DC - CCAGriffith,Thomas B.Retired09/01/2020Walker,Justin Reed05/04/2020