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Judicial Emergencies

Find current federal judiciary judicial vacancies that the Judicial Conference has deemed as judicial emergencies and an explanation of what is a judicial emergency. 

*Adjusted Filings per Panel and Weighted Filings per Judgeship are Calendar Year Data

Beginning with calendar year 2015, weighted filings are based on the new district court case weights approved by the Judicial Conference in March 2016.

The new weighted filings definition may affect whether specific vacancies qualify as judicial emergencies.  Read about how a judicial emergency is defined

CourtVacancy Created ByReasonVacancy DateDays PendingWeighted Filings per Judgeship *Adjusted Filings per Panel *
05 - LA-EVance,Sarah S.Senior01/16/20241487170
05 - LA-EFallon,Eldon E.Senior01/01/20241637170
05 - MS-NMills,Michael P.Senior11/01/20219544380
05 - TX-WYeakel III,Earl L.Retired05/01/20234087730
05 - TX-WGuaderrama,David C.Senior05/27/20233827730
09 - CA-CWu,George H.Senior11/03/20232226160
09 - CA-CCarney,Cormac J.Retired05/31/2024126160
09 - CA-CFischer,Dale S.Senior05/01/2024426160
09 - CA-SHayes,William Q.Senior08/01/202110464540
11 - FL-MDavis,Brian J.Senior12/30/20231656680
11 - FL-MEdwards-Honeywell,CharleneSenior12/04/20231916680
11 - FL-SScola Jr.,Robert N.Senior10/31/202322510850