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Seminar on Short Trial Program Scheduled for Nevada Federal Court

Short Trial Program in Nevada

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The U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada will hold a CLE seminar  on its new short trial pilot program on October 9. The pilot promises an expedited trial —both early and short—in civil cases. Short trial rules (pdf) control the length of the trial, including restrictions on discovery, the use of smaller juries, and time limits for presentation of evidence.  Among the short trial benefits are a firm trial date and lower litigation costs. The District of Nevada is one of a growing number of district courts, including the Northern District of California and the Western District of Pennsylvania, to offer short trial programs.

Chief Judge Robert C. Jones tapped Magistrate Judges George W. Foley and William G. Cobb to administer the program in, respectively, the southern and northern divisions of the court. They’ll be among the speakers for the October seminar.

In this podcast, listen as Judge Cobb explains the short trial program and its benefits for attorneys and litigants.

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