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CA Central District in LA Has a New Home in the “Cube”

  • Front of new federal courthouse in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Inside of courtroom
  • Inside of new federal courthouse in LA.
  • Inside the new federal courthouse in LA.

The Central District of California in Los Angeles officially opens for business in its new digs on Monday, Nov. 7, after moving into its recently completed cube-shaped courthouse in the downtown area. The 10-story, $350 million structure – dubbed the “Cube” – has 600,000 square feet of space, 24 courtrooms and 32 judges’ chambers.  A sky-lit central atrium provides natural light to public and courtroom spaces on each level.

The courthouse’s serrated façade is designed to maximize daylight and views, while reducing the energy needed to cool the building, according to the General Services Administration, which owns the building and oversaw construction. It replaces an outmoded courthouse a few blocks away in operation since 1940.

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