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Jury Service Close-Up Highlights Appreciation Week

The first week of May is Juror Appreciation Week. In observance of that event, two educational videos about federal jury service are available.

The first, an animated jury overview, tells viewers what to expect if called for jury duty. It explains the jury system’s roots in the U.S. Constitution; how jurors are selected or excused; the trial process as seen by jurors; and dos and don’ts of juror contact, such as use of social media during a trial.

The second video asks average American citizens what they think about federal jury service, and why it is important to them.

Both videos originally were produced as part of a U.S. Courts Knowledge Seminar on the jury experience.

Jury service is among the nation’s most important civic duties. Nationally, more than 194,000 individuals were summoned by federal courts in FY 2016, to be considered for jury duty. Additional resources are available at Jury Service.

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