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Characteristics of Parole Violators in Kentucky Download (94.15 KB) Parole June 2012
Denial of Parole: An Inmate Perspective Download (70.91 KB) Parole December 2000
Estimating the Impact of Kentucky's Felon Disenfranchisement Policy on 2008 Presidential and Senatorial Elections Download (83.24 KB) Probation, Parole June 2009
National Surveys of State Paroling Authorities: Models of Service Delivery Download (193.86 KB) Parole June 2010
Outcomes of Motivational Interviewing Training with Probation and Parole Officers: Findings and Lessons Learned Download (157.77 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Parole, Probation December 2018
Parole Officers' Perceptions of Juvenile Offenders Within a Balanced and Restorative Model of Justice Download (73.6 KB) Parole, Juveniles, Restorative justice June 2000
Parole System Anomie: Conflicting Models of Casework and Surveillance Download (65.91 KB) Parole December 2006
Parole Violations and Revocations in California: Analysis and Suggestions for Action Download (107.79 KB) Parole June 2009
Perspectives on Parole: The Board Members' Viewpoint Download (35.83 KB) Parole June 1999
Policy Implications of Police-Probation/Parole Partnerships: A Review of the Empirical Literature Download (116.84 KB) Probation, Parole June 2013
Prisoner Reentry and the Role of Parole Officers Download (56.53 KB) Reentry, Parole December 2002
Probation and Parole Officers and Discretionary Decision-Making: Response to Technical and Criminal Violations Download (87.75 KB) Probation, Parole June 2007
Probation and Parole Officers Speak Out: Caseload and Workload Allocation Download (121.93 KB) Probation, Parole December 2007
Reflecting on Parole's Abolition in the Federal Sentencing System Download (126.57 KB) Federal Courts, Parole, Sentencing September 2017
The Role of Probation and Parole Officers in the Collaborative Response to Sex Offenders Download (61.65 KB) Sex Offenders, Probation, Parole June 2010
Training Parole Agents: How Prior Criminal Justice Work Shapes Attitudes and Beliefs Download (105.89 KB) Parole, Supervision, Training December 2020
What Factors Affect Parole: A Review of Empirical Research Download (57.7 KB) Parole June 2007
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