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"Looking at the Law": Probation Officer Searches Download (144.58 KB) Probation June 1998
A Decade of Experimenting with Intermediate Sanctions: What Have We Learned? Download (110.89 KB) Probation, Supervision December 1998
A History of Court-Imposed Probation Fees in Texas Download (37.89 MB) Fines, Fees, and Restitution, Probation June 2019
A Pilot Survey Linking Personality, Leadership Style, and Leadership Success among Probation Directors in the U.S. Download (178.83 KB) Management, Probation December 2010
A Review of Probation Home Visits: What Do We Know? Download (112.91 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2013
A Theoretical Basis for Handling Technical Violations Download (184.22 KB) Probation December 2003
Accomplishments in Juvenile Probation in California Over the Last Decade Download (111.09 KB) Juveniles, Probation June 2006
Accountability and Collaboration: Strengthening Our System Through Office Reviews Download (110.79 KB) Supervision, Probation December 2015
All Implementation Is Local: Initial Findings from the Process Evaluation of the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforecment (HOPE) Demonstration Field Experiment Download (192 KB) Supervision, Probation June 2015
Arming Probation Officers--Enhancing Public Confidence and Officer Safety Download (51.65 KB) Probation December 2001
Barriers to Effective Program Implementation: Rural School-based Probation Download (84.29 KB) Juveniles, Probation June 2008
Can Probation Be Revoked When Probationers Do Not Willfully Violate the Terms or Conditions of Supervision? Download (34.54 KB) Probation June 1999
Changing Probation Officer Attitudes: Training Experience, Motivation, and Possible Revival Download (477.3 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation, Training September 2013
Communication Between Probation Officers and Judges: An Innovative Model Download (46.57 KB) Probation June 1999
Community Supervision in the Post Mass Incarceration Era Download (288.36 KB) Supervision, Probation, Evidence-based Practices September 2015
Comparison of Recidivism Studies: AOUSC, USSC, and BJS Download (94.56 KB) Probation, Federal Courts June 2017
Correlates of Re-arrest among Felony Domestic Violence Probationers Download (79.34 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2008
Creating a Probation Automated Recording System: Issues and Considerations Download (123.06 KB) Probation June 1998
Developing Leaders in the Federal Courts: Twenty Years of the Federal Judicial Center's Leadership Development Program for Probation and Pretrial Services Officers Download (102.19 KB) Pretrial, Probation, Training June 2012
Developmentally-Grounded Approaches to Juvenile Probation Practice: A Case Study Download (26.71 MB) Juveniles, Probation December 2019
Does Reducing Supervision for Low-risk Probationers Jeopardize Community Safety? Download (166.21 KB) Probation, Recidivism June 2020
Early Termination: Outdated Concept in an Era of Punitiveness Download (32.71 KB) Criminology, Probation June 1999
Effective Supervision Strategies: Do Frequent Changes of Supervision Officers Affect Probationer Outcomes? Download (193.9 KB) Supervision, Probation December 2011
Estimating the Impact of Kentucky's Felon Disenfranchisement Policy on 2008 Presidential and Senatorial Elections Download (83.24 KB) Probation, Parole June 2009
Exit Status of Probationers and Prison-Bound Offenders in an Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Program: A Comparative Study Download (109.86 KB) Location Monitoring, Probation December 2013


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