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Your Life in Balance

The Judiciary provides additional benefits to help you balance your life outside of work. Explore these programs below.

Counseling and Work/Life Services

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers federal Judiciary employees, and their family members, no cost counseling services on some of life’s most important matters such as financial, legal, health, and personal decisions. These services are confidential and are provided by licensed professionals.

The Work/Life Services Program, known as WorkLife4You provides expert guidance, comprehensive educational information, personalized referrals, and access to a vast array of interactive tools to assist Judiciary employees and their family members with managing daily responsibilities and life events.

Commuter Benefit Program

The Commuter Benefit Program assists employees in defraying the cost of certain commuting expenses. The Program consists of two Reimbursement Accounts – a Mass Transit Reimbursement Account and a Parking Reimbursement Account.  Both allow you to set aside part of your salary on a pre-tax basis.

Leave and Holidays

Federal Judiciary employees earn both annual and sick leave. Annual leave is defined as a period of approved absence from your assigned duties with pay. Sick leave is used when an employee is ill, has a medical appointment, or when an employee needs to provide care to an ill family member.

Learn more about leave programs, rates of accrual, and rules and regulations.

In addition to the various leave programs available, federal Judiciary employees are given ten federal holidays each year.

Wellness Programs

The federal Judiciary recognizes that a positive sense of well-being amongst its employees is a key component of a healthy and productive employee. We support a combination of workplace wellness programs in order to promote the healthiest possible workforce.