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Substance Abuse

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Judge-Involved Supervision Programs in the Federal System: Background and Research Download (221.48 KB) Federal Courts, Reentry, Substance Abuse June 2017
Using Organizational Strategies to Improve Substance Abuse Treatment for Probationers: A Case Study in Delaware Download (122.93 KB) Management, Probation, Substance Abuse December 2015
Is Project HOPE Creating a False Sense of Hope? A Case Study in Correctional Popularity Download (268.89 KB) Criminology, Substance Abuse, Supervision September 2014
Before Adopting Project HOPE, Read the Warning Label: A Rejoinder to Kleiman, Kilmer, and Fisher's Comment Download (80.18 KB) Supervision, Criminology, Substance Abuse September 2014
DWI Recidivism: Risk Implications for Community Supervision Download (132.1 KB) Substance Abuse, Risk Assessment December 2011
Implementing a Diversion-to--Treatment Law in California: Orange County's Experience Download (163.03 KB) Substance Abuse, Federal Courts December 2011
Testing the Validity of Pupillometer Technology Against Traditional Drug Screening Instruments Download (228.33 KB) Probation, Substance Abuse December 2011
Federal Reentry Court Programs: A Summary of Recent Evaluations Download (92.38 KB) Federal Courts, Substance Abuse, Mental Health September 2011
Judge-Involved Supervision Programs in the Federal Courts: Summary of Findings From the Survey of Chief United States Probation Officers Download (1.1 MB) Federal Courts, Substance Abuse, Mental Health September 2011
Alcohol--Still the Forgotten Legal Drug Download (121.47 KB) Substance Abuse, Supervision December 2010
The First 20 Years of Drug Treatment Courts: A Brief Description of Their History and Impact Download (61.97 KB) Substance Abuse June 2008
The Dual Treatment Track Program: A New "In-House" Jail Diversion Program Download (164.57 KB) Substance Abuse, Mental Health December 2006
Convicted Drunk Drivers in Electronic Monitoring Home Detention and Day Reporting Centers: An Exploratory Study Download (109.71 KB) Location Monitoring, Substance Abuse June 2006
Treatment Retention: A Theory of Post-Release Supervision for the Substance-Abusing Offender Download (78.22 KB) Substance Abuse December 2004
Drug Use or Abstinence as a Function of Perceived Stressors Among Federally Supervised Offenders Download (125.68 KB) Supervision, Substance Abuse December 2003
An Employment Intervention for Drug Abusing Offenders Download (79.66 KB) Employment/Workforce Dev, Substance Abuse September 2003
Drug Treatment in the Community--A Case Study of System Integration Issues Download (126.07 KB) Substance Abuse September 2003
The Design of Social Support Networks for Offenders in Outpatient Drug Treatment Download (105.56 KB) Substance Abuse September 2003
Hepatitus C Among Offenders--Correctional Challenge and Public Health Opportunity Download (77.08 KB) Substance Abuse September 2003
Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders in Offenders--Approaches, Findings and Recommendations Download (117.21 KB) Mental Health, Substance Abuse September 2003
Amenability to Treatment of Drug Offenders Download (107.47 KB) Substance Abuse September 2003
Sanctions and Rewards in Prison-Based Therapeutic Community Treatment Download (89.59 KB) Substance Abuse, Prison September 2003
Treatment Research in Oz--Is Randomization the Ideal or Just Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Download (108.31 KB) Substance Abuse September 2003
Moving Towards a Federal Criminal Justice "System" Download (60.38 KB) Prison, Substance Abuse, Probation September 2003
Reorganizing Care for the Substance Using Offender--The Case for Collaboration Download (84.84 KB) Substance Abuse September 2003


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