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Towards an Empirical and Theoretical Understanding of Offender Reinforcement and Punishment Download (151.05 KB) Supervision, Evidence-based Practices June 2015
Perceptions of Probation and Police Officer Home Visits During Intensive Probation Supervision Download (117.04 KB) Supervision, Probation June 2015
Untapped Resources: What Veteran Services Officers Can Provide for Probation and Parole Download (106.26 KB) Supervision, Probation June 2015
Mental Health Courts in Illinois: Comparing and Contrasting Program Models, Sanction Applications, Information Sharing, and Professional Roles Download (121.16 KB) Mental Health, Supervision June 2015
All Implementation Is Local: Initial Findings from the Process Evaluation of the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforecment (HOPE) Demonstration Field Experiment Download (192 KB) Supervision, Probation June 2015
Technical Revocations of Probation in One Jurisdiction: Uncovering the Hidden Realities Download (108.41 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2014
Getting to the Heart of the Matter: How Probation Officers Make Decisions Download (110.92 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2014
A Descriptive Analysis of Pretrial Services at a Single-Jurisdictional Level Download (152.2 KB) Supervision December 2014
Addressing Responsivity Issues with Criminal Justice-Involved Native Americans Download (140.97 KB) Responsivity, Indian Country, Supervision September 2014
Is Project HOPE Creating a False Sense of Hope? A Case Study in Correctional Popularity Download (268.89 KB) Criminology, Substance Abuse, Supervision September 2014
Response to Duriez, Cullen, and Manchak: Theory and Evidence on the Swift-Certain-Fair Approach to Enforcing Conditions of Community Supervision Download (97.02 KB) Supervision, Criminology September 2014
Before Adopting Project HOPE, Read the Warning Label: A Rejoinder to Kleiman, Kilmer, and Fisher's Comment Download (80.18 KB) Supervision, Criminology, Substance Abuse September 2014
Federal Post-Conviction Supervision Outcomes: Arrests and Revocations Download (147.52 KB) Supervision, Probation, Federal Courts June 2014
Improving Legitimacy in Community-Based Corrections Download (106.41 KB) Criminology, Supervision June 2014
A Difficult Position: A Feasibility Study Analysis of Conducting Home Contacts on Halloween Download (220.73 KB) Sex Offenders, Supervision June 2014
Targeting Antisocial Attitudes in Community Supervision Using the EPICS Model: An Examination of Change Scores on the Criminal Sentiment Scale Download (127.81 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision December 2013
Use of Engagement Skills in Community Corrections for High-Risk Offenders Download (107.26 KB) Supervision, Evidence-based Practices December 2013
A Review of Probation Home Visits: What Do We Know? Download (112.91 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2013
Overcoming Legal Barriers to Reentry: A Law School-Based Approach to Providing Legal Services to the Reentry Community Download (103.37 KB) Reentry, Supervision September 2013
Too Many Going Back, Not Enough Getting Out? Supervision Violators, Probation Supervision, and Overcrowding in the Federal Bureau of Prisons Download (642.7 KB) Supervision, Probation, Prison September 2013
Early Termination of Supervision: No Compromise to Community Safety Download (496.75 KB) Supervision September 2013
Extending Our Knowledge About Recidivism of Persons on Federal Supervision Download (482.35 KB) Supervision September 2013
Reducing Recidivism Through Probation Supervision: What We Know and Don't Know from Four Decades of Research Download (499.47 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision, Training September 2013
Community Management of Offenders: The Interaction of Social Support and Risk Download (90.63 KB) Supervision June 2013
Creating a Supervision Tool Kit: How to Improve Probation and Parole Download (104.23 KB) Supervision, Evidence-based Practices, Training June 2013


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