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Community Management of Offenders: The Interaction of Social Support and Risk Download (90.63 KB) Supervision June 2013
Creating a Supervision Tool Kit: How to Improve Probation and Parole Download (104.23 KB) Supervision, Evidence-based Practices, Training June 2013
The Eastern District of Michigan: How Does It Consistently Achieve High Release Rates? Download (139.39 KB) Federal Courts, Pretrial, Supervision September 2012
The Evolution of Community Supervision Practice: The Transformation from Case Manager to Change Agent Download (113.33 KB) Supervision, Probation September 2012
The Probationer's Perspective on the Probation Officer-Probationer Relationship and Satisfaction with Probation Download (97.95 KB) Probation, Supervision June 2012
Supervision Fees: State Policies and Practice Download (110.66 KB) Fines, Fees, and Restitution, Probation, Supervision June 2012
Effective Supervision Strategies: Do Frequent Changes of Supervision Officers Affect Probationer Outcomes? Download (193.9 KB) Supervision, Probation December 2011
Goodbye to a Worn-Out Dichotomy: Law Enforcement, Social Work, and a Balanced Approach Download (562.96 KB) Probation, Supervision, Evidence-based Practices September 2011
Who Cares What Offenders Think? New Insight from Offender Surveys Download (248.74 KB) Supervision, Probation September 2011
Applying Implementation Research to Improve Community Corrections Download (416.66 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision September 2011
A Random (Almost) Study of Staff Training Aimed at Reducing Re-arrest (STARR): Reducing Recidivism through Intentional Design Download (722.42 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision, Training September 2011
Looking at the Law: An Updated Look at the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination in Post-Conviction Supervision Download (64.98 KB) Federal Courts, Supervision June 2011
Alcohol--Still the Forgotten Legal Drug Download (121.47 KB) Substance Abuse, Supervision December 2010
Results-based Framework for Post-conviction Supervision Recidivism Analysis Download (339.35 KB) Supervision December 2010
"I was just given a new sex offense case: now, what do I do?" Download (60.11 KB) Sex Offenders, Supervision September 2010
The Containment Approach to Managing Defendants Charged with Sex Offenses Download (43.61 KB) Sex Offenders, Supervision September 2010
Supervision of Sex Offenders: A Multi-Faceted Approach Download (70.96 KB) Sex Offenders, Supervision September 2010
The Role of Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation in Evidence-Based "Real World" Community Supervision Download (149.73 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision June 2010
Federal Criminal Filings and Postconviction Supervision Download (295.59 KB) Supervision December 2009
Pretrial Services in the District of Nebraska After the Office of Federal Detention Trustee Study Download (55.59 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Pretrial, Supervision September 2009
An Assessment of District Reviews: Implications for Pretrial Services Policy Development and Practice Download (135.21 KB) Pretrial, Supervision September 2009
The Best Laid Plans: An Assessment of the Varied Consequences of New Technologies for Crime and Social Control Download (124.03 KB) Criminology, Supervision December 2008
Correlates of Re-arrest among Felony Domestic Violence Probationers Download (79.34 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2008
The Evolution of Supervision in the Federal Probation System Download (83.01 KB) Probation, Evidence-based Practices, Supervision September 2008
Constructing an EBP Post-Conviction Model of Supervision in U.S. Probation, District of Hawaii Download (75.05 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Post Conviction, Supervision September 2008


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