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Pretrial Detention and the Sentencing Variance: An Analysis of Fixed Effects Across U.S. District Courts December, 2021
The Use of Location Monitoring at the Post-Conviction Stage of Supervision December, 2021
Making the Conversation a Little Easier for Probation and Parole Officers: Using Motivational Interviewing to Discuss Client Suicidal Ideation and Attempts December, 2021
Corrigendum to “Examining Federal Pretrial Release Trends over the Last Decade” [Federal Probation, September 2018] December, 2021
Four Thousand Voices: Self-Reported Barriers to Reentry September, 2021
The Intuitive-Override Model: Nudging Judges Toward Pretrial Risk Assessment Instruments September, 2021
Developing a Trauma-Informed Wellness Program September, 2021
Probation Officer Attitudes Towards Staff Training Aimed at Reducing Rearrest September, 2021
An Exploratory Study of Self-Report Levels of Social Support in Two Justice-Involved Groups September, 2021
Corrigendum to “A Viable Alternative? Alternatives to Incarceration Across Several Federal Districts" September, 2021
Higher Education and the Recruitment, Training, and Retention of Community Corrections Personnel in the Coming Era of Criminal Justice Reform September, 2021
Reentry Challenges During a Pandemic: An Examination of NJ S2519 from the Perspectives of Community Organizers September, 2021
A National Response to a Global Pandemic in a Decentralized System June, 2021
Leadership Perspectives from the Field: Key Districts Initially Affected by COVID-19 June, 2021
Survey of U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Agencies' Adaptations to COVID-19 June, 2021
Pretrial Work in a COVID-19 Environment June, 2021
Presentence Work in a COVID-19 Environment June, 2021
Risk, Need, and Responsivity Supervision in the Pandemic June, 2021
First Step Act, COVID-19, and the Future of Location Monitoring June, 2021
Considerations for Supervision of Persons Charged with or Convicted of Sex Offenses During the COVID-19 Pandemic June, 2021
The Impact of COVID-19 on Treatment and Testing June, 2021
Training During a Pandemic: The Federal Probation and Pretrial Academy's Journey into a Virtual World June, 2021
Innovations from the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services Wellness Committee During the Pandemic June, 2021
Practitioner Perceptions of the Use and Utility of Pretrial Risk Assessment: Focus Group Analysis December, 2020
Rapid Involuntary Client Engagement December, 2020