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From the Archives (Federal Probation May-June 1937): Is There a Measure of Probation Success? December, 2013
After the Fall: Assessing the Impact of the Great Prison Experiment on Future Crime Control Policy December, 2013
Targeting Antisocial Attitudes in Community Supervision Using the EPICS Model: An Examination of Change Scores on the Criminal Sentiment Scale December, 2013
Use of Engagement Skills in Community Corrections for High-Risk Offenders December, 2013
Coaching: The True Path to Proficiency, From an Officer's Perspective September, 2013
Too Many Going Back, Not Enough Getting Out? Supervision Violators, Probation Supervision, and Overcrowding in the Federal Bureau of Prisons September, 2013
Early Termination of Supervision: No Compromise to Community Safety September, 2013
Extending Our Knowledge About Recidivism of Persons on Federal Supervision September, 2013
Introduction to Federal Probation Special Focus on Implementing Evidence-Based Practices September, 2013
The Demands on Probation Officers in the Evolution of Evidence-Based Practice: The Forgotten Foot Soldier of Community Corrections September, 2013
The Trials and Tribulations of Implementing What Works: Training Rarely Trumps Values September, 2013
Reducing Recidivism Through Probation Supervision: What We Know and Don't Know from Four Decades of Research September, 2013
Skills and Training in British Probation: A Tale of Neglect and Possible Revival September, 2013
Changing Probation Officer Attitudes: Training Experience, Motivation, and Possible Revival September, 2013
Capitalizing on Collaboration in Arizona: Working Together to Advance the Use of Evidence-Based Officer Skills at All Levels of Community Corrections September, 2013
Using Quality Improvement Models in Correctional Organizations September, 2013
7 Keys to "Make EBPs Stick": Lessons From the Field September, 2013
Overcoming Legal Barriers to Reentry: A Law School-Based Approach to Providing Legal Services to the Reentry Community September, 2013
Policy Implications of Police-Probation/Parole Partnerships: A Review of the Empirical Literature June, 2013
Community Management of Offenders: The Interaction of Social Support and Risk June, 2013
Creating a Supervision Tool Kit: How to Improve Probation and Parole June, 2013
Using Research to Improve Pretrial Justice and Public Safety: Results from PSA's Risk Assessment Validation Project June, 2013
Officer Stress Linked to CVD: What We Know June, 2013
Development and Implementation of a Case Review Conference Model for Juveniles: A Structured Approach to Learning from Unsuccessful Probationers December, 2012
When a Person Isn't a Data Point: Making Evidence-Based Practice Work December, 2012