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The Vexing Dilemma of Character-Based Units (CBUs) in Prison September, 2023
A Pretest-Posttest Evaluation of Academy Training and Fear of Beginning a Correctional Officer Career September, 2023
Peer Recovery Support Specialists in Adult Drug Treatment Courts: A National Survey September, 2023
Federal Post-Conviction Supervision Outcomes: Rearrests and Revocations September, 2023
Supervising Officers in an Evidence-Based Environment: The Role of the Supervisor as a Coach and Officers as Change Agents September, 2023
In Memoriam: Ralph Charles Serin September, 2023
Do Office Reviews in the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System Do What They Were Intended to Do? Not Yet September, 2023
Low/Moderate Risk Policy Change White Paper June, 2023
Ten Things Risk/Needs Assessment Is Not June, 2023
Self-directed Workbooks: Evaluating Their Efficacy in a U.S. Probation Setting June, 2023
Is Pretrial Detention an Effective Deterrent? An Analysis of Failure to Appear and Rearrest Says "No" June, 2023
Burnout Prevention for Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Officers June, 2023
Building a Risk Tool for Persons Placed on Federal Post-Conviction Supervision for Child Sexual Exploitation Material Offenses: Documenting the Federal System's Past, Current, and Future Efforts June, 2023
How Pretrial Incarceration Diminishes Individuals' Employment Prospects December, 2022
The Outcomes of a Pretrial Diversion Program in Texas December, 2022
Moving Past Arbitrary Bail: A Proposal for More Deliberative Pretrial Decision-Making December, 2022
Supervised Release in Post-Reform New York: An Exploratory Analysis December, 2022
Introduction to Special Issue on Addressing Disparity in Community Corrections December, 2022
Place Matters: Racial Disparities in Pretrial Detention December, 2022
Pretrial Supervision: Race and Revocation December, 2022
Determining Racial Equity in Pretrial Risk Assessment December, 2022
Implementation Fail: A Case Study September, 2022
Probation Officer Perceptions in Federal Reentry Courts September, 2022
Preliminary Validation of the Community Supervision Decision-Making Framework September, 2022
There May Not Be a Tomorrow: Immediacy, Motivational Interviewing, and Opioid Intervention Courts September, 2022